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Our staging services will ensure that the best architectural features of your home are highlighted, and your home is presented in its best condition. Creating a beautiful first impression for online photography is essential.

With any project, the scope and size will vary. Premier Home Staging & Design of Northwest Arkansas will schedule an appointment with you to view your property and generate a proposal with options for you to consider that meets your needs and budget.




Premier Home Staging of Northwest Arkansas specializes in un-occupied staging services for vacant homes or model homes for builders. Most homes will only require three to four rooms to be staged, so custom packages to meet your budgetary needs are available. Cost is based on the staging fees and the furniture required for staging.


Occupied Homes

Upon completion of a Comprehensive Consultation, Premier Home Staging will stage your home in accordance with the personalized strategy report. Your home furnishings will be utilized. If any other items are required, Premier Home Staging will shop for you to complete the home staging project, so your home is presented to the market at its best. There is a two-hour minimum for staging an occupied property.